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Downloading Files

Rendered images are made available to download as tasks finish. You have a few options for downloading files.

  1. A download manager with a graphical interface in the Companion App.
  2. Command-line downloader which is automatically installed when any plugin is installed.


If you have several jobs, or jobs with a large number of frames, we recommend you use the command-line downloader.

By default, rendered files are downloaded to the destination path specified during submission.

Once you have successfully downloaded the files for a task, its status changes to Downloaded in the Web UI.

Companion App Downloader

Conductor Companion provides a GUI for users who don't feel comfortable using the command line. The Companion App displays a panel for each job, which you can expand to check files' availability and manage downloads. See the Companion reference page for more information.

Downloader page in the Companion App

Command-line Downloader

The downloader command can run in one of two modes: manual or daemon. Use manual mode to download files for a specific job, and use daemon mode to download files for all jobs as they become available.

Manual mode

# Download all files for job 00014.
conductor downloader --job_id 00014

# Download files for task 010 in job 00014.
conductor downloader --job_id 00014 --task_id 010

Daemon mode

# To start the downloader in daemon mode, run it with no arguments.
conductor downloader

All command line options.

Option                        Example Args       Description
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--job_id 00012 The job id(s) to download. When specified, will only download those jobs and terminate afterward
--task_id 010 Manually download output for this task
--output /my/new/folder Override for the output directory
--location Vancouver In daemon mode, indicate which location this downloader should register as (optional). This allows you to only download jobs that were submitted with the same location tag.
--project harry_potter An optional string to indicate which project that this downloader executable should register as.
--log_level INFO The logging level to display. Choose from CRITICAL ERROR WARNING INFO DEBUG
--log_dir ~/logfile.log When provided, write a rotating log file to the provided directory
--thread_count 8 The number of threads that should download simultaneously