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To avoid the need to log in to your account when you use any Conductor tools, you can download an API key from the dashboard. Only one key may be active for your account at any one time. When you download a new key, any previously downloaded keys are invalidated. If you are in a shared environment, you may want to notify others.

To download an API Key, visit and click Get API Key.

You have two options to enable the key, both of which require environment variables.

Variable name Value Description
CONDUCTOR_API_KEY_PATH /path/to/conductor_api_key.json The location on disk of a file containing your Conductor API key.
CONDUCTOR_API_KEY < contents of conductor_api_key.json> If you prefer not to have your API key in a file, paste it directly as a variable.

When you use a submitter or any utility such as the uploader or downloader, Conductor will try to authenticate in the following order.

  1. Use the key from the CONDUCTOR_API_KEY environment variable if it exists.
  2. Use the key from the file pointed to by the CONDUCTOR_API_KEY_PATH environment variable if it exists.
  3. If both the above methods fail, then show a login screen.