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Module ciocore.package_environment

Manage environment variables for both Windows and Linux render nodes.



def __init__(self, env_list=None, platform=None):

    self.platform = None
    self._env = {}

    self.extend(env_list, platform)
PackageEnvironment(env_list=None, platform=None)

Create a list of environment variables.

Typically, one would initialize a PackageEnvironment with a package, and then modify by adding more packages or lists of variables. Extra variables can be added by the customer, or programmatically such as during asset scraping.

Keyword Arguments:

  • env_list -- Either a Package that contains an "environment" property, or a list of environment objects. -- Defaults to None.
  • platform -- If env_list is not a package, then the platform must be provided. -- Defaults to None.

On instantiation, delegete args to the extend() method.



def extend(self, env_list, platform=None):

    if not env_list:

        others = env_list["environment"]
        requested_platform = env_list.get("platform")
    except TypeError:
        others = env_list
        requested_platform = platform

    if not self.platform:
        self.platform = requested_platform or "linux"
    elif requested_platform and requested_platform != self.platform:
        raise ValueError("Can't change platform once initialized.")

    for var in others:
        name = var["name"]
        value = var["value"]
        policy = var["merge_policy"]
        if policy not in ["append", "exclusive"]:
            raise ValueError("Unexpected merge policy: %s" % policy)

        if policy == "append":
            self._append(name, value)
            self._set(name, value)
extend(self, env_list, platform=None)

Extend the Package environment with the given variable specifications.


  • env_list -- Either:
  • A list of dictionaries with properties: name, value, and merge_policy.
  • An object with an environment key that contains a list of the dictionaries described above. The latter is the structure of a package. Therefore we can initialize or extend a PackageEnvironment with a package.

Keyword Arguments:

  • platform -- Defaults to None. If env_list is a package, then the platform is taken from the package and the platform keyword is ignored. If env_list is a list, then if this is the first add, a platform should be specified, otherwise it willl default to linux.

The first time data is added to a PackageEnvironment, the platform is set in stone. Subsequent adds that try to change the platform are considered an error.

Each variable to be added specifies a merge_policy: append or exclusive. Once an individual variable has been initialized with a merge policy, it can't be changed. This means: 1. It's not possible to overwrite variables that have been set as append. 2. Exclusive variables are always overwritten by subsequent adds.


  • ValueError -- Attempt to change the platform once initialized.
  • ValueError -- Unknown merge policy .
from ciocore import api_client, package_tree, package_environment
packages = api_client.request_software_packages()
pt = package_tree.PackageTree(packages, product="cinema4d")
one_dcc_name = pt.supported_host_names()[0]
# 'cinema4d 21.209.RB305619 linux'
pkg = pt.find_by_name(one_dcc_name)
pe = package_environment.PackageEnvironment(pkg)

# Result:
# {
# "PATH": "/opt/maxon/cinema4d/21/cinema4d21.209vRB305619/bin",
# "g_licenseServerRLM": "conductor-rlm:6112",
# "LD_LIBRARY_PATH": "/opt/maxon/cinema4d/21/cinema4d21.209vRB305619/lib64:/opt/maxon/cinema4d/21/cinema4d21.209vRB305619/bin/resource/modules/python/libs/linux64/python.linux64.framework/lib64:/opt/maxon/cinema4d/21/cinema4d21.209vRB305619/bin/resource/modules/embree.module/libs/linux64",
# "PYTHONPATH": "/opt/maxon/cinema4d/21/cinema4d21.209vRB305619/bin/resource/modules/python/libs/linux64/python.linux64.framework/lib64/python2.7/lib-dynload",
# }

extra_env = [
    {"name":"PATH", "value": "/my/custom/scripts", "merge_policy":"append"},
    {"name":"DEBUG_MODE", "value": "1", "merge_policy":"exclusive"}


# Result:
# {
#     "PATH": "/opt/maxon/cinema4d/21/cinema4d21.209vRB305619/bin:/my/custom/scripts",
#     "g_licenseServerRLM": "conductor-rlm:6112",
#     "LD_LIBRARY_PATH": "/opt/maxon/cinema4d/21/cinema4d21.209vRB305619/lib64:/opt/maxon/cinema4d/21/cinema4d21.209vRB305619/bin/resource/modules/python/libs/linux64/python.linux64.framework/lib64:/opt/maxon/cinema4d/21/cinema4d21.209vRB305619/bin/resource/modules/embree.module/libs/linux64",
#     "PYTHONPATH": "/opt/maxon/cinema4d/21/cinema4d21.209vRB305619/bin/resource/modules/python/libs/linux64/python.linux64.framework/lib64/python2.7/lib-dynload",
#     "DEBUG_MODE": "1",
# }