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Spot To Standard Wrangler


This feature is currently in BETA. We're interested in hearing your feedback and what improvements we can make. Please direct all feedback to support


  • This wrangler monitors on the task level, each task will have an individual wrangler.


The Spot to Standard Wrangler when enabled will switch your task from a spot instance to the equivalent standard instance, meaning the same cpu/mem/gpu along with staying in the same geographical cloud region.

By switching to a standard instance type you have a higher chance of availability on the given cloud but at a higher cost per core hour.

This wrangler will only analyze and take action on jobs that have a priority greater than or equal to the value set with a minimum of 0 and default of 10.

The 'Wait Time' duration value is in increment of minutes with a minimum of 10 minutes and a default of 120 minutes.


Not all clouds on Conductor support spot instance types. Currently only GCP and AWS support spot instance types. See our pricing calculator to understand the differences in cost.



The above example will switch a task's instance type from spot to standard any job that hasn't started in 360 minutes and has a priority level of 10 or greater.